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Thread: Something lurking..

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    How ironic that I just learned this word today!


    Aversion to happiness, also called cherophobia or fear of happiness, is an attitude towards happiness in which individuals may deliberately avoid experiences that invoke positive emotions or happiness.
    One of several reasons that aversion to happiness may develop is the belief that when one becomes happy, a negative event will soon occur that will taint their happiness, as if that individual is being punished for satisfaction. This belief is thought to be more prevalent in non-Western cultures. In Western cultures, such as American culture, "it is almost taken for granted that happiness is one of the most important values guiding people?s lives." Western cultures are more driven by an urge to maximize happiness and minimize sadness. Failing to appear happy is often a cause for concern. Its value is echoed through Western positive psychology and research on subjective well-being.

    Good to see you post Shaun and hope everything continues to be good! Relax and enjoy the ride!

    That's! Maybe that's it.
    Yes been awhile since ive poked around here. Hope your just awesome!

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    Sounds like a case of waiting for the other shoe to drop! I do that too. I have anxiety disorder and for me I think it's over analyzing everything that does it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
    Don't we all deserve to be happy?

    (answers question with a question cause I'm just not that deep)
    Yes I think we do. If something heavy is keeping me from sleeping it can lighten the load to write it down. Should have just said that instead of asking a pointed question in public.
    "Never turn your back on fear. It should always be in front of you, like a thing that might have to be killed." - Hunter Thompson
    T5/6 complete

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    someone once told me to "cheer up, things could be worse "
    so I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse

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    Try to stay in the present moment. My monsters aren't lurkers and are nipping at my flanks, but I did have an amazing life until about 5 years ago. At least I have happy memories of a younger life well lived.
    chair user since 2009 from a neurological disorder

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