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Thread: Strange Anal leakage after B/M

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    Strange Anal leakage after B/M

    Wow,been awhile!

    So for the last few months ive been getting this strange liquid/ mucousy (nothing solid) discharge after my B/M. I hop in the shower and the back of my pants are wet and it smells weird. I changed from Dulcolax to Glycerine thinking it would be might be less irritating to the bowel but nope, same deal.

    Any thoughts

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    i have this on occasion. i use dulcolax sups and find if i lie too long after getting the sup before getting up on the commode i get the same mucus an hour or so after i get dressed and in my chair. i now get the sup and lie on my left side for 25 mins and then get on the commode where before id lie for 30-40 mins til i felt my bowels start to move. since ive been doing it for 25 mins i have had way less mucus incidents. hope that helps..

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    Thanks. I don't insert the Sup till I'm on the can. Everything happens so fast once its inserted that 85% of the time sup's just floating there good as new.

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    do you do digital stim? if not maybe try when you think youre done to release any final mucus. or maybe try with no sup and just digital stim.

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    Thinking id maybe give that a try tomorrow. Its seems odd I havnt encountered this before (5/6 since Ladysmith by the way ). Trying to figure it out before I go see my GP again, cause then it'll be colonoscopy time.

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    I went for 35 years with no problems using Dulcolax sups. and then for no discernible reason the butt snot/after burn started.

    For the last couple of years just hooked out what's in there with a finger, seems to work well and saves hours.

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    Dulcolax user. I get this, too. I know I'm 'done' when my final digi-stim releases a squirt of this mucous yuck. If I don't get it out on the can, it will inevitably work its way out shortly after I shower, dress, and get wherever I'm going.

    We call it 'sea bird' around here, since We live on the Chesapeake Bay, and have noted this butt-snot smells an awful lot like the occasional rotting carcass of a seagull found on the beach.

    When we're out and about, "I just sea-birded." is code for 'We have to go, NOW!'
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    It's the worst stuff ever! Once my son started using Enemeez, no more snot OR sea bird!!!

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    Sea bird! BAAAHAAA HAAA! Love it!

    Thanks all. I'll try a half glycerine sup tomorrow and start from there.

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    I've mentioned this on other threads, but probably should reiterate it here.

    Ducolax suppositories are bisacodyl (stimulant laxative) in a vegetable oil base. Magic Bullet suppositories are bisacodyl in a water soluble base. It takes longer for the vegeable oil based suppository to melt in the rectal vault and release the bisacodyl than it does for the water soluble base. In theory, there may be more bisacodyl in the Ducolax left in the rectal vault than the Magic Bullet, stimulating more bowel movement even when you think you are finished. That said, there are complaints about "after burn" with the Magic Bullets, but possibly not as much as with Ducolax.

    Enemeez works for some people. I tried them for 6 weeks (using Mombo's method, see: and just didn't get reasonable results. I am again using Magic Bullets and make sure to finish the program with digital stimulation to be sure I'm finished. Enemeez and Enemeez Plus have 283mg of docusate sodium as the stimulant. Enemeez Plus adds 20mg of benzocaine to help anesthetize the rectum and lower bowel.


    Magic Bullet:
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