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Thread: Describe your pain

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    Describe your pain

    Looking for someone with similar pain, but would love to hear about anyone's! Misery loves company, so to speak.

    Since shortly after my SCI (T-5 complete), I have had to deal with pain 24/7. Though my first neuro said that it "usually/should go away after a while", I am still waiting. The best way to describe mine is that someone has placed a leather belt around me right at the T-5 level, tightened it one notch too many and then left it on me. So now when I breath I can feel the belt constricting. Since it was left there, it also leaves a chafing sensation. Movement makes it worse (as you might think a tight belt would). Several times a day it feels like someone is sticking me just to the right of center front and back. This lasts for about a minute. Perhaps once a week, someone finds a way to tighten the belt one more notch for about 10 minutes (this is preceded by a soreness in my teeth). And finally I have a 2 inch wide strip of hypersensitive skin between (and including) my nipples.

    This is my pain story (my primary one anyway - I also have shoulder pain, spasticity, "burning" legs, electrical shocks in ankles). What is yours?

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    The worst for me is the constant burning, especially in my a$$. It's always there, even while standing in my standing frame. For me, staying busy is the only way that works to suppress it.

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    T3 complete - always feel like I have a corset on that is two sizes too small, legs that feel like pins and needles, as if asleep, with a running electrical impulse that goes from my feet up to my crotch, topping things off is the constant burning sensation in my lady parts and azz!!! On occasion, I get severe stabbing sensations in my breasts, fortunately that isn't a constant or I'm sure I would go mad. When I have attempted to stand in a stander there is so much pressure in my mid section, I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest.

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