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Thread: Shoulder Pain

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    Shoulder Pain

    I?m a C/4/5, I have a bad issue with my left shoulder blade area. I had a mole that was sensitive to touch, so doc removed it. Though still feels like touching a sliver if you touch that spot. I assume related, but might not be?

    A stabbing pain, right under same area. Under tip of left shoulder blade. Radiating into about a 4 inch circle, shooting pain down my left arm. The pain comes and goes, Can be gone a week, or last 2 weeks, etc. Can cause pain from a 2 to an 8. Some days I just want to hold my arm and rock. I would swear there is a knife sticking under my shoulder blade. I?ve had X-Rays, MRI, an electric stimulation pinched nerve test. Nothing found.

    Any Ideas?
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    I would try massage or other bodywork with an MT who focuses on neuromuscular disorders for the larger issue of referred(?) pain but also lido or something topical for the "sliver" spot. A lot of people might say it's neuropathic and throw systemic drugs at it [which you may already be on anyway] but I would see if you can rebalance it first.

    Would also make sure you are warm enough at night/well-positioned in your chair so as to avoid exacerbation of any muscular trigger. And make sure there are no valleys in your pillow.

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