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Thread: i need to gain 50lbs.

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    i need to gain 50lbs.

    my parents passed away 12/15 and 9/16. i've been in bed since 1/16. skin is fine and this week i've crashed the gloom. i started on protein shakes three weeks ago,my appetite is fairly good know. i started putting the protein power in my oatmeal, shakes made pee not good, you know what i mean. then three liters of water i felt nuseam. the problem as i see it is chicken fish nuts and all this protein stuff is to low in calories. pumpkin pie to night at 300 cal.was good, it went down easy. so i'm looking for suggestion. one thing thought of today chicken and pasta.
    thanks dan
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    350 calorie per serving Boost or Ensure. While these are fairly high in protein, they are a more balanced nutritional supplement than pure protein drinks and powders.

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    It's tough to lose someone close, let alone both parents within a year. It definitely takes time to re-group.

    Wondering if you can use Google to find recommendations for weight gain. The first thing that comes to mind is determining the number of calories per day that's recommended for your size. Then shoot for a daily meal plan that includes at least one of the foods with high calories. You can look up individual foods you like and find their calorie value. For me trying to maintain my weight, I avoid some high calorie items like potatoes, rice, pasta, and bread. Those are foods that you might want to consume, based on your research.

    Of course, you have hopefully consulted your doctor as a target of 50 lb. weight gain can be a big change in overall health.
    Hope you let us know how you are doing.

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    Nutella! Put protein powder in Nutella. peanut butter with protein powder. Just a little bit to anything creamy- mashed potatoes, mac and cheese etc... Protein powder- even if a small amount in pudding, milk, orange juice ( not good in water), soups, banana pudding, whipped cream, ice cream, anything made from scratch you can add a little protein powder. To gain weight- high calorie but for health- add the protein. You want to have a healthy weight gain- not just fat and carbs.


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