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Thread: Merciless Sweating

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    I am a C-4/C-5. I have battle sweats throughout my time being a quadriplegia. This sweating is always because of something bothering me. Lately it's always my pressure ulcer, but it could be a UTI, the way I'm sitting, the way my catheter is positioned. But always something. They just suck. I am so sorry for your situation because it seems even worse than mine. Something is bothering you, or I should say something is bothering your body where you can't tell what it is. It just really stinks. I hope you can figure it out!

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    Do you have hemriods?

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    I feel for you!

    I am over 30 years C5 C6 postaccident and started sweating 5 years ago. My blood pressure remains low (90/50) and can only speculate as to what the cause is. Sick to death of healthcare professionals without any experience in spinal injuries telling me that I am hot and of course we know that it’s not a sweat from heat but a sweat that is cold like that of a junkie. I apologise to all the junkies out there. Hospital is a nightmare with the cold temperatures and a constant film of moisture over your skin. I sleep on my back with my head elevated and find that I can relieve the symptoms as you do by letting the head of the bed down, but not always as it is very unpredictable. I could sleep on my side years ago but that results in sweats.

    I’ve had a haemorrhoidectomy to try and relieve symptoms but I have never seen such good advice is that from the spinal nurse. Don’t expect it to be noxious. Just for example I had autonomic dysreflexia, headache included from ejaculation. I had no idea it was going to happen but I had previous warnings when I would start to shake during intercourse and I would tell my wife to stop but one time I thought I would just leave it go, big mistake.

    Unfortunately I believe from my experience that I can’t find an answer and you can only try different things. It is true that some of the drugs quadriplegics take to close the sphincter muscle so there will be little to no urine coming out of your penis reduce sweating as well. I would be interested to know what your urinary method is. If you have a suprapubic catheter you can experiment with these. Unfortunately if you are using a voiding method into a leg bag some of these drugs won’t be suitable. It’s a Catch-22.

    I can only say that mine is not as bad as yours as I have good days and good nights without sweating but they are few and far between. I suspect the issue lies with bladder, bowel, skin in the pelvic area but your guess is as good as mine, take your pick.

    I have invested via eBay in a wrist worn blood pressure monitor so I can report back if I discover anything. If you find a solution please share it!


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    Sweating can be one of the first signs of AD.
    Oxybutynin(Ditropan)- and other anticholinergics keep you from sweating- if high dose sometimes can't sweat at all. Botox to a certain area is also used to prevent sweating.

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    Cord's response [don't know how to do reply or use tags]

    Thank you all for your replies. It was my first and only post and this is my first reply post. Unfortunately, I don't think I got the magic elixir to my problem, although perhaps it will be one of the three suggested prescription meds (Gabapentin, Oxybutynin, Robini). I will discuss them with my physiatrist. Nevertheless, I am encouraged by your replies.

    I doubt the cause of my sweating is Excessive Protein as I am primarily a vegetarian. I only eat fish, fowl and beef when eating out and do not take any protein supplements. As to my BP I rarely take it anymore at home because over the years I found that the sweating starts when it is anywhere from 100/80 to 180 and above. About a year ago I participated in a study (unrelated to sweating) in which I had to record my BP + pulse 3 or 4 times per day for 30 days and my diary confirmed to me the sweating is unrelated to my BP.

    Nor do Bladder/Bowel/Skin problems seem to be a cause of my merciless sweating. Sometimes I sweat as a result of one or more of those problems but such problems do not provide me an explanation for prolonged, multi-week bouts of sweating while sitting up in my wheelchair. As to my bladder, I use a Texas cath that does not cause the problems of a Foley and I have maintained very low voiding residuals for many years. My urologist checks annually. Nor does Pain offer an explanation as fortunately I only suffer tingling in my fingers and toes, and it is constant, every waking hour regardless of whether I'm sweating or laying down.

    Tight Clothing does not appear to be the cause of my problem either. After all, I change my clothing daily, wearing it throughout the day including those days on which the sweating comes and goes; and I do not loosen anything before fully tilting my wheelchair to stop me sweating. I wear loose slippers and my abdominal binder is in the same position each day. Today by the way, I've been in my chair since 8 AM, began sweating about 11:45 AM and have been doing so off and on since then. It's now 5 hours later, as I write this while sitting in front of one of my heater fans.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cord View Post
    I am a C5/6 quad who was injured in early 1982. Throughout most of the years since I've suffered from periodic bouts of sweating which causes me to remain home seated in front of a heater fan to keep the front of my head and shoulders dry and warm. While it may be a result of autonomic dysreflexia I am skeptical because my blood pressure is only sometimes elevated above 150 and regardless of how high it becomes I can stop the sweating by lying down and, as I learned only six years ago when getting my first tilting wheelchair, by tilting it nearly fully.

    However, because I become even more depressed when having to lie down before 10 or 11 PM or remaining fully tilted, as I can barely engage in any activity other than listening to the radio or watching television, I endure the misery of sweating in front of a table mounted heater fan. This month I've been doing so virtually every day from late morning until getting into bed at 10 or 11 PM. I have mentioned the problem in years past to two physiatrists but not received a helpful response. Any thoughts?

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