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Thread: Should I have done anything else? (1st time flyer, broken chair)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    When you take your car to the garage for even just an oil change, the service writer walks around the car and notes any dings or scratches, scraps and dents on a generic drawing of a car, then has you sign in recognition that these blemishes exist on your vehicle. I wonder if the airlines have ever thought to do something like that to protect their liability.
    Mobility is just treated like a suitcase in that they dont repair cosmetic only physical damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    I fly a lot and in the last 6 years flying w/ a chair I have only had one major issue where delta managed to break the Carbon Fiber camber tube of my Zra in half.
    They offered a replacement chair (declined I had one at home), 300 dollar travel voucher (accepted) and took my chair to get it repaired. All in all Delta handled it as best as I would expect from a big ass company.

    I have never contacted a ramp supervisor but nothing in my chair needs to get broken down (if I had a power chair like RP I would be much more proactive). Even though for a lot of people (especially the first couple of times you fly with a wheelchair) its a big event, airlines deal with it a lot, so in my opinion a lot of people over stress about it.

    When I travel I don't do anything special other than remove my cushion and take it on the plane while boarding. Gate check, leave the wheels and since I know I have taken over 100 flights since my accident, less than a 1% chance of your chair getting so damaged you can't use it. on Last flight I took they put a serious scratch in the back of my ADI CF backrest but I didn't notice it till a couple days later so have done nothing.

    I do suspect that at some point the airlines managed to bend the spokes on my Round Betty Dino wheels, so my only travel concession is I fly with Spinergy LX wheels (under the maybe mistaken belief that the Spinergy spokes are more tolerant of getting shit piled on the spokes)
    Wheelchair vs Power chair is really different in that wheelchairs are so much smaller, shorter, compact and over all fit better and can be loaded with one person.

    Power chairs have so much more that can go wrong, get out of adjustment and can be damaged more easily.

    At some airports that do not have cargo lifts I have seen it can take 4 to 5 people just to lift my new Permobil F3 on to the loading conveyor belt.

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    We frequently recommend taking your own photos of your chair from all sides (with today's newspaper on the seat to verify date) before taking it on the plane. This way you have a record of what the chair looked like exactly before the flight.

    It is not uncommon for both manual and power wheelchairs to be put onto their side in the hold, and then if other luggage is in the same compartment, for that luggage to be piled on top. Very few airlines put wheelchairs in a separate compartment from other luggage. This is the most common way that chairs are damaged.

    Also, when you arrive, put the chair through all it's paces (tilt, recline, elevation, slow/fast speeds, etc.) BEFORE leaving the gate area. If anything is found to be broken or not working correctly, file a report immediately with the airline, and also ask to speak to the airline's local compliance officer.


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