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Thread: Quickie 2HP - Whats it worth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rook98006 View Post
    Yeah I saw that one but the color put me off right away. Am not usually vain but that is Thinking you like this model better as you posted about it?
    The colour isn't my flavour but wouldn't put me off; it is a point of difference. Besides, when you park up at the pub and your pissed mates come looking for you, there would be no missing it in the crowd

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    Quote Originally Posted by slow_runner View Post
    The colour isn't my flavour but wouldn't put me off; it is a point of difference. Besides, when you park up at the pub and your pissed mates come looking for you, there would be no missing it in the crowd
    I just realized my modified three wheel Quickie Shadow (x-tennis) wheelchair is that turquoise color. It looks fine on that chair, probably because there is less tubing.
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    On the HP2 you can move the caster housings back. Giving you more foot room. The frames are T6 aircraft aluminum. Easily welded. I've been putting mine back together for 35 years. If I was closer, I'd buy it in a second.

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    Much more selection on ebay. Don't buy something you won't be happy with .. don't settle.
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    Agreed with Lynnifer. eBay has a wider selection (higher prices). However, Craigslist has the advantage of making sure it will work for you before blindly buying. If you "settle," try to leave something in your budget so you can upgrade later when another good deal comes along.

    I have Quickie chairs for my chairs (rigid) and have also helped refurb a lot of Quickie 2's. Used to work alongside someone who also refurb'd chairs, whatever would show up, seeing those chairs going to people/families who needed chairs but insurance wasn't being timely about it. (I'm not a professional - just someone who watched and learned unofficially.)

    The nice thing about Quickie chairs is most of the parts are interchangeable. The swing-away legrests come in three angles (70, 80, and 90, generally), and different lengths. Any Quickie swing away (SA) legrest should fit on any Quickie chair that accepts SA legrests (spacing is the same). I've traded out a lot of legrests to make a chair more usable.

    Some other parts are also interchangeable, even between Quickie models (Quickie 2, LXI, Tilt in Space, etc).

    If the legrests aren't SA then that makes it difficult to change them.

    Quickie LXI seems to have some adjustment in COG; I personally won't take a chair (for me) without capacity to adjust COG because I have to have it so that the chair is functional for me. Q2/Q2HP seems to have much more capacity to adjust COG.

    Parts are easily available on eBay, used; but do the math to make sure it's a good deal. Sometimes it's cheaper to get the whole chair!

    Often times armrests can be switched out. Just takes some time, measuring tape, instruction manual / parts manual, tools, and patience. Q2's can have swingaway armrests on them, no problem. They can have the old-fashioned kind with integrated clothing guards, too. Mostly it's just a deal to figure out the compatible brackets, then measure and install.

    P.S. If you do get a chair and need / want parts, check here at CC. Many folks are Tilite fans (but some Tilite/Quickie parts are interchangeable). Also, I don't remember what's in my stash, but I know I've had to absolutely cannibalize a couple Quickie 2 chairs and I took anything and everything salvageable / reusable off in hopes of finding someone who could use 'em. Would be happy to help out a fellow CC'er.

    I hope some of that info helps!

    (Edited because I missed a sentence.)
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    No reply from the owner all weekend so I guess my offer was to low. Thanks everyone for the info!
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