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Thread: Quick release push handles!!

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    TiLite is .7625"

    I also don't know why you would have someone use push handles to go up stairs...have them grab the rigidizer bar. Way safer than a quick disconnect handle..

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    Quote Originally Posted by darlagee22 View Post
    I just found these on a Colours wheelchair website and this is the idea I've been looking for as I want a very low backrest but don't want to give up the freedom of getting up stairs occassionally with help. Does anyone have quick release or easily detachable (without tools) push handles? I'm wondering if these would fit on a Tilite rigidizer bar? Oh, I hope so!
    My wife has some nearly identical to theses on her old/spare chair (a series 1 ZRa, but don't know what they came from originally). I don't know if she ever tried to remove them or put them on when in the chair, but they are certainly easy to do from behind. We certainly found them helpful at various times.

    I would not be worried about the strength of them for lifting. The "base" is very securely attached, and the handles are kept on using positive locking style pins.

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