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Thread: What did you do after inpatient rehab?

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    i went to pt and ot outpatient when i was discharged for about 4 months afterward. i have since done a few shorter stints for various stuff, mainly when i got my walking KAFO's now i am doing the stuff on my own.
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    Sarasota is only an hour away from Stay in Step, which has a similar program to Project Walk.

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    I am glad you guys have a good case manager. The inpatient rehab was an hour from my home. So upon discharge I went directly into intensive outpatient PT and OT (5 months) took a break then started back with PT only. Then moved. I am started outpatient rehab again. I am rather new to understanding my needs. My sense is that PT will be necessary on and off. Good Luck. and wish you guys well. C
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