Maybe I'm not seeing the total picture but it seems you may have grown up using a wheelchair and possibly limited social exposure. What life-long activities have you been involved in - that is, sports, hobbies, aside from bar-hopping? Drugs, alcohol? Anyway, it seems some of your recreational activities might help point you to new locations.
Hubby and I once lived in North Carolina, thinking less snow for us two wheelers. In checking out the state we were very impressed with Durham, NC. This was in the mid 1970's and there were curb cuts all over the place when we had never seen them elsewhere in our travels. Ended up in rural area near Raleigh for two years, hubby got a job within 2 weeks, I could only find volunteer work but loved it. I believe this area is still referred to as the "Research Triangle" with lots of job opportunities. Pay rates and insurance limited for all of our disability-related needs and we moved on.