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Thread: Looking at buying another chair.

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    I bought the Aero. It is a nice bit of kit but this one is a bit small for me. The options that came with it are worthwhile on their own and can be utilised on my 2GX.
    The odds are slim on finding one that is a 'slip in' for me.
    So with that in mind, I am considering the option to widen the frame and modify the footplate to accommodate my frame.
    I have access to a good welder. A few parts would need to be sourced; wider axle with moderate camber 2 deg ?(this one has 6 deg ), and maybe replacement seat upholstery.

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    Yep. Happened with my ZRA, and it just happened this weekend on my ZR. I think it was weakened some by a tech that banged on my casters for hours a couple months ago, but I have noticed a lot of flex, and it eventually snaps. Not a cheap part to replace
    I would be interested to see images and to better illustrate where the stress's occur. Would that be possible? Thanks.
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