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    diaphragm question

    you have a left and right phrenic nerve which control your diaphragm. i only breathe using my diaphragm so if it's functioning so i can breathe then it's got to be functioning normal. can part of my diaphragm be paralyzed if i can still breathe? i'm having severe burning around my rib/abdomen area and seems harder to breathe. i don't know what it is and neither does dr. i use bipap at night but no relief. sorry having trouble trying to explain. if signal of phrenic nerve going to diaphragm then it should function normal ?

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    You might have a stomach ulcer or a hiatal hernia (where the stomach protrudes upward through the diaphragm, making breathing difficult). You could also be having gallbladder symptoms (especially if the pain radiates to your back/shoulderblade area). I think it would be a good idea for you to see a gastroenterologist for upper abdominal studies and evaluation.
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    You need to have both phrenic nerves functioning to breathe normally (as well as other muscles). One could be paralyzed and you could still get in enough air to function, but probably not function well. I am guessing that may be why you are on bipap at night. I would agree with Bonnette. You need to see a GI doc, preferably one with experience with SCI for all the reasons she suggested.

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    I've got one semi functioning phrenic nerve and am vented almost all of the time. Tried weaning but failed. Last year I was having big problems breathing, could not get my lungs to move and wanted the vent pressures increasing. After one really bad desat down to 60 for about 15 minutes I ended up in the ICU where they diagnosed a pleural effusion, 3.5 litres of crap drained from my chest cavity which explained why m lungs didn't want to move. I have no abdominal sensation so didn't know how much extra pressure was there.

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    no good sci doctors here. i been injured 23 years now i'm 39. i think i have abdomen spastisity or i'm squeezing ab muscles when i breathe making it harder to breathe, muscles working against me. drs got no clue. i have regained alot of feeling back last 2 years. so much pain in my mid section, tried so many meds. i'm at my breaking point and hurts so bad. it almost feels like harder to breathe when i take a breathe like my stomach is like a rubber band and slingshots back when i exhale if that makes sence. spasticity i think. i'm doctored out

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    It probably is spasticity. Are you on any medication for it?

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