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Thread: Possible pinched nerve/syrinx

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    I saw neurosurgeon Dr Ian Fleetwood last week. He has only done one surgery on a syrinx. That did not give me much confidence in him. He said he would send letters do drs in Vancouver,Calgary and Toronto to try and find someone more experienced. I hope to hear something soon. Here is the mri picture showing the syrinx:

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    The leading centers in the world for surgical management of syringomyelia are at Craig/Swedish Hospitals in Denver and the Miami Project/University of Miami.


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    Thank you KLD. I am on a very limited disability pension and strongly doubt the Canadian social health system would fund me going anywhere other than in Canada. Do you or anyone else here know of any syringomyelia experienced neurosurgeons here??

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    This guy in Vancouver, Dr. Michael Boyd seems to have experience with syringomyelia. I will try to get referred to him.

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    Can anyone who has gone through a procedure to alleviate syringomyelia relate there experience to me? I would like to know how it affected you, how long from the symptoms til surgery, recovery time etc etc.
    Thank you

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    Both shunting and untethering procedures are used to surgically treat syringomyelia; some have both done, while others have only one or the other of these procedures. So recovery depend upon which surgeries are done, in how many locations along the cord, and frankly the experience and expertise of the surgeon. I have seen some patients be in the hospital for 3 days and other for 3 weeks. It is quite variable with the individual.


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    I'm sorry for the delay in response and also that I'm probably not answering all of your questions. Things have been a little busy.

    I had untethering twice - once because of the amount of tethering which collapsed two microsynrixes and once because of a largish syrinx. Both times I had experienced a significant loss in function as well as changes in sensation and increased spasticity and nerve pain. Had the untethering not collapsed the syrinx the second time they would've shunted it. I was quite relieved not to need the shunt. Both times I had a lot of return fast - within the first couple of days, and significant reductions of spasticity and nerve pain. I have had other medical issues - entirely unrelated to the tethering/syrinxes/surgeries - that have interfered with and delayed my rehab/recovery but I am satisfied with the (admittedly slow) progress I am making and really relieved by my outcomes.

    The stronger you go into it, the stronger you will come out of it. The post-surgical constraints are real, and it's pretty crucial to abide by them Best wishes for a speedy resolution and a good outcome.

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    Annev308 , Greenseed ,
    I do find it hard to believe you had a lot of return ? and and lots of reduction of nerve pain ? Frankly do not believe it . I have had two Syrnix surgeries done by Dr. Falci . relieved symptoms , but no return once nerves are gone usually gone . But did stop the progression , this is all usually they hope for. It does sound like this is what your problem is . good luck . research a lot on Craigs website Dr. Falci

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    annev, Duck, I didnt see your posts till now, thanks for your responses.

    Duck, how much function had you lost before surgery? What kind of surgery did they do?
    thanks again

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