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Thread: Possible pinched nerve/syrinx

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    Just because you lost some function/strength doesn't mean you can't get it back.
    Hang in there, let us know what the MRI shows.

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    i really hope youre right Jim. They said they were having trouble getting the best images cuz of the plates/screws in my neck... i hope to god my docs can see something to fix on them. I am taking it day by day atm.

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    I got my MRI Results today, any input would be appretiated....

    MRI Spine Thoracic w/o contrast

    C6 ASIA-A SCI 2007

    Pre and postcontrast multipolar, multisequence MRI of the cervical and thoracic spine.

    There is an anterior plate with vertebral body screws and an interbody spacer device/cage at c5-6.
    This is unchanged from previous imaging from 2007. There is a slight retrolisthesis of c6 on c7 with a shallow left paracentral disc protrusion which appears new since the previous study, but is not associated with any canal stenosis or cord compression.

    The spinal cord is focally expanded and T2 hyperintense at the level of c5-6. Within this T2 hyperintensity, there is a 1.3cm very T2 hyperintense rounded lesion, which has the appearance of a cyst. The spinal cord expansion is similar to previous, though there is now surrounding milder T2 hyperintensity extending both superiorly and slightly inferiorly from the expansile portion of the cord, suggesting edema. The milder T2 signal abnormality extends superiorly to the level of the mid C4 vertebral body. This was not present on the patient's previous imaging. On the postcontrast study, there is to enhancement within the cord, though there is mild circumferential enhancement of the dura, which contacts the ventral and dorsal aspects of the cord. This is unchanged from previous imaging.

    Extending inferiorly from the level of the spinal cord expansion, there is T2 signal abnormality seen within the lateral aspects of both dorsal hemicords, presumably relating to Wallerian degeneration. No other cord signal abnormality is identified. The thorasic cord is otherwise normal in signal intensity.

    The conus terminates normally at the L1 level.

    Thoracic vertebral body heights are maintained. There is no evidence of canal stenosis or neural foraminal narrowing.

    Paravertebral soft tissues are grossly unremarkable. No aggressive osseous lesion is detected.

    Stable postoperative changes involving the C5 and C6 vertebral bodies.

    Persisting focal expansion and T2 signal abnormality within the cord at C5-6, with suggestion of a small cyst within the cord. Given the 10 years since the patient's previous examination, cord atrophy would be expected in this location. Instead, there is increasing T2 signal and cord expansion. Given the new neurological findings, this is likely due to syrinx. There is some enhancement of the dura around the cord at this level which could result in focal adhesions, possibly predisposing the patient to syrinx, though the enhancement to previous imaging. A neurosurgical opinion is recommended.

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    I have an appointment to see a neurosurgeon on Tuesday. Dr Ian Fleetwood.

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    I have had surgery for post-traumatic tethering/arachnoid cysts/adhesive arachnoiditis (everyone seems to call it something different) that resulted in syrinxes twice. Both times I had lost function and had had changes in sensation. From my perspective, the surgeries were quite successful (regained lost function plus some and sensation normalized) and having surgery was the right choice for me. If you have any questions, I will answer them if I can. Kudos to you for acting on the changes and getting set up with the neurosurgeon so quickly. Best wishes for a quick resolution.

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    Hoping the Neuro can shed some light on situation greenseed.
    Good job staying on top of it.

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    So a syrinx or syringomyelia to be exact, is a cyst in the spinal cord. It is caused by being there since birth (congenital) or by trauma, previous. It is small 1.3 cm, but it is causing some problems now. But it could remain that size forever and never cause any more problems.

    Unless management of this condition has changed in the past 3 years, there would be no surgery done for this finding as the cyst is too small.
    Surgery is considered if the cyst is bigger, then it can be shunted, which means a small permanent catheter can be placed in the cyst to drain it.

    Sadly, once you have had some loss in function it is not likely it will return to the level it was before.

    Best of luck


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    Thanks for your input annev. A few q's for you: i looked on your about me page but couldnt find any info... do you have an sci? if so what level? how rapid was your function/sensation loss? how large were the syrinx? did they do a shunt? you say you had it twice...did the syrinx return in the same spot? you say you regained function and then some...can you elaborate? what had you lost and what returned? did you regain full strength or just partial?
    that's all i can think of now.
    thanks again for your response

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    I hope so too Chesbay, ty.

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    Ty for your reply, PBR. So from your understanding a 1.3 cm cyst is too small to operate on? What do you mean by management of the condition? The function loss seemed to HAVE come on very rapidly.. in 3 or so weeks ..maybe longer but i didnt notice till it was severe. Would that mean it is growing? Have you dealt with many syrinx cases pbr? Id guess yes of course but i'm just curious.
    thx again
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