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Thread: power chair switch type

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    power chair switch type

    I am in the process of ordering a new power chair (Amy Systems Alltrack-R) and for the first time will be getting a seat elevator. It uses an R-net controller/joystick. I would like opinions on the pros and cons of using a toggle switch vs. push button switches to control the elevator function. Also, any comments on the location of the switch?

    Separate question. I have been using a potentiometer knob on my current joystick extensively as a quick way to limit speed when appropriate. Do the speed up/down buttons on the R-net joystick work just as conveniently, and obviate the need for the pot knob?

    Any opinions on a standard swing-away joystick vs the 35? downward swing-away?
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    If you're a quad with no finger movement like I am it is very easy to develop shoulder and thumb problems using the pushbutton switches since one needs to elevate and internally rotate the shoulder to depress the buttons which is a direction creating rotator cuff impingement. Also, having to use the thumb in this manner to push the buttons creates a lot of stress on the basal joint of the thumb where it meets the wrist due to the hyperextension of that joint. I learned this too late. I now do all of my functions through the joystick with some minor positional changes with the buttons. As long as you can do it through the joystick I would say it is not imperative as to which type of switch you get. But if you cannot do it through the joystick, then I would say get the toggles.

    Get the joystick which will allow you to pull up close to a table that you can do yourself. On my Permobil I believe it is called the retractable controller arm. The ICS switchbox is typically mounted in front of the armrest and behind the joystick.

    Again, this all pertains to Permobil.

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    I have an Amy Systems Alltrack-R 2013. Nice chair, very well built. I got an R-net LED joystick because it was the shortest one available. My elevate is through the joystick.

    In hindsight I would have opted for the speed dial to be able to dial in the speed (especially when you are with someone walking). I would have also opted for switch jacks on the joystick even if you do not use them right off. My old chair had jacks and I put a switch on the inside of the non-joystick armrest. The location is up to you and your abilities.

    I have read that rnet joysticks can change speed while moving but mine does not currently. I am not sure if you can elevate while moving on newer systems.

    I was used to a narrower front on my chair as it makes it more maneuverable for me at times so I opted for the non-flared front arms.

    Ultimately I am please with the quality and performance with the high speed package.

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