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Thread: inflation of Roho Cushions

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    inflation of Roho Cushions

    I have been inflating my Roho cushion to the brim(so to speak) and then, letting the cushion come back down to atmospheric pressure. I then cap off the stem. Depending on how it feels, I may add just a tad more of air into it. Just wondering how everyone else inflates theirs. Is there a gauge that can be used to get it to a consistent pressure?
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    I don't know if this is still available or not. It is an after market product, not a Roho product.

    Roho does make a cushion with what they call Smart Check.

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    The Roho smartcheck device allows one to maintain the correct pressure without the subjective "hand under the buttock technique". However, it is only for their single chamber cushions, not for their multichamber quadtro series which get locked off two quadrants after filling. In my opinion, it is always safer to have slightly more air rather than less air in the cushion, as the latter can result in bottoming out on a steel plate. My DME people said to check the cushion every few months. I think that is poor advice as in my opinion I think they lose air, albeit slightly, on a steady basis. After all, the failed is not exactly space shuttle, submarine, or jetliner quality or even the slightest leak can result in catastrophe. It is only slightly better than the standard bike valve.

    I have gotten in the habit of once a month putting in three strokes with the pump, that's it. That seems to be counterbalancing any loss of air.

    It will be a big advance when roho can adapt smart check valve system to the multichamber cushions.

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    I fully inflate mine and close the valve. I then sit on it and partially open the valve releasing air a bit at a time until I have the thickness of my index finger between my butt and the bottom of the cushion. I've never had a pressure sore in the 28 years of sitting in my wheelchair. (I'm living with a T4 complete spinal cord injury and have nothing but skin and bones back there.)

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    I've got a Roho Smart Check and wouldn't recommend it. It gives inconsistent results that my support team can't rely upon, they always have to check manually. We could not use the standard setting and had to preset a custom one based upon manual test, use it again after a week and it will be wanting air removed. Too unreliable to be of any use.

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    From what I understand, the smart check locks in to its memory the correct inflation based upon a correct initial manual set up. It doesn't tell you where you are over or under the correct inflation without knowing what is your particular setting determined by properly done manual determination.

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    It is meant to do a Smart Setup where it determines correct pressure. That was no use for me so we do custom setup, configuring the Smart Check to the pressure I use. Subsequent use of the Smart Check gives variable results usually asking to remove the air when at times we need to add air. 2nd one I've had with similar issues. We don't rely on, still better to stick with staff correctly trained.

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    That's not good if the smart check is unreliable in its readings.

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