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Thread: Narrow short backrests?

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    Narrow short backrests?

    Hi all,

    I'm searching for durable adjustable ultralight solid backrest options that are narrow and short, i.e. 10-14" wide and 5-10" tall. I want something similar to a Matrx Elite or Varilite Icon in design. I don't want a planar/totally flat shell and also want to be able to add lumbar inserts.

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    Roho Jetstream does a 10" tall CF backrest at a 14" width but doesn't go narrower than that. ADI makes both CF and aluminum solid backrests. Their standard low backrest is 10" tall, but they've been known to do custom jobs that are lower, like 6". Generally speaking, if you want a width narrower than 13", you're going to have to get aluminum, which is a touch heavier. I'm trying to get a 12" CF backrest, and I think ultimately I'll be able to get one, but it's taking some doing and certainly not an off-the-rack option. Both have the option for adjustable clamps to alter seat back angle; I've only ever used a fixed angle, so I'll let others speak to their quality. Although neither is totally flat, the Jetstream has less curvature than the ADI, but both have the ability to add inserts. From personal experience, I've found that at narrower seat widths, the curvature of the backrest can end up poking into the pelvic bones a bit, rather than wrapping all the way around the pelvis. It can be addressed with some adjustments to the backrest padding and may not come up if you use a lumbar insert, but it's something to be aware of. Hope you find what you're looking for!

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    Varilite ICON might be worth checking out.
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