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Thread: Partner with first major pressure sore... not doing well.

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    Thanks everyone. Don had an appointment with his wound people this morning. The wound was closing and becoming more shallow but this morning it was worse. And yes... it is a life or death decision. I have tried to stress that to him. He MUST stay off the wound and out of his chair at the very least. The wound genesis was as a result of a skin staph infection with lesions on his lower extremities. He was on a course of Bactrim and they pretty much cleared up, except he was obsessed with the lesions and kept picking at them. The one on his right buttock he didn't pick at but when I looked at it a couple of months ago, it was tenting. I begged him to go to the wound people and he sat on the wound for a week before going in. By then they debrided it and it was already tunneling at that time... About the size of a quarter and about 2 cm deep. They tried packing it and that helped a little but now he is on a wound vac. This morning I noticed the appearance of a stage 1 area outside of the sacrum wound and inferior to the buttock wound... The skin is still intact but it doesn't look good. The wound care people sent him to the VA wheelchair clinic (where he got his chair and cushion) for emergency evaluation. I am home in Colorado Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings and then I go to my job at the University of Chicago on Wednesday afternoons and work there Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I teach at the Med School and do research there. I'm hoping that his wound is not infected but I suspect it is... His insurance outside the VA is good but if this goes south, which I think it is, then I think he should be evaluated at the VA. Yes... the odds are against him with or without treatment. I was his caregiver for 12 years after injury to the detriment of my profession and now that I have a really good faculty position, his condition is deteriorating because I am not there. While I was taking care of Don for those 12 years, he did really well...but his age and this wound/skin issue is really taking a toll. Thanks Patrick for sharing your story... it is appreciated more than you know.


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    I think you need to consider taking FMLA. Move your husband out to you. There is Rehab Institute of Chicago for his SCI care and a world class plastic surgeon at University of Chicago if needed.

    I suspect you have your reasons for having this living situation, but unless you are getting divorced, I think you are reaching a critical point....

    his depression needs treatment, as this will worsen his chances of recovery.

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    I was also going to suggest that he needs a mental health evaluation. Does he have other issues beyond the SCI? a T11 doesn't usually require a caregiver.

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    it is only a matter of time that sepsis will occur and i mean it will occur at some point no matter how careful you are! take patrick's account as proof. patrick thank god you were on top of things!! i had a wound for about 4 years started out as a cyst turned into a pressure sore that tunneled and so on. i was in wound care for all of that time trying different things with home nursing and twice weekly visits to the hospital wound center to no avail. i know what he is going thru and most of us do as well. i have had 4 surgeries to try to close the wound the most recent was i think 3 or 4 years ago and was successful. went thru countless of rounds of both oral and IV antibiotics to treat both infection and sepsis which i ended up with before the last surgery. my point is he needs the surgery and he needs help with his depression. and he also needs the family support when your not around to push him to do the right thing.
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    Google for "Dermawound." It's iodine plus sugar....the iodine prevents infection, and the sugar is a vasodilator It healed my stage 4 10 years ago. I took 2 years...but it worked. God knows that there's never been a trial that's followed spinal patients with pressure sores for two years LOL There's no paper I can show you.

    Also...your partner. Get him a pair of braces....or a frame. Get him veriticle for one hour a day. Do these two things, and bingo you're in

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    I use a drop of Lugol's Solution (Lugol's Iodine) when I get a sore. I let the iodine air-dry on my skin, then I cover the area with a waterproof bandage. And I stay off of the sore, even if this means having to stay in bed almost all day and night for several days. My sores have healed beautifully and without getting infected. I would dearly love to have a standing wheelchair. This would be great for my blood circulation and intestinal health. (So true, JakeHalsted.)

    Here's a research article on iodine for wounds. I use Lugol's Solution whereas the research article uses 2% iodine liniment, a little different, but both "iodine".


    "Wound care antiseptics - performance differences against Staphylococcus aureus in biofilm
    ...For this reason, the present study indicates that iodine might be the best choice of the three antiseptics tested for use against S. aureus in biofilm. The present study also contributes to focus attention on the importance of qualifying antiseptics based on results using biofilm bacteria rather than planktonic bacteria."
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    Any possibility he could be admitted to a wound care unit at a VA hospital so he can stay off of wound completely while healing/treatment takes place?

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    Had no luck with Dermawound at all. Prefer Betadine solution painted on .. or Inadine .. but this wound sounds like it needs IV antibiotics, surgery and professional care first.
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    I doubt iodine or any type of ointment is going to heal a stage 4 wound. If so, the person would have to be off it, 24/7, for months and months. It wasn't that many years ago, a wound at that stage would have resulted in loss of leg/hip and more likely, death due to infection setting in.. We've come a long way with new antibiotics and surgical techniques.

    I hope you're taking care of yourself Sieg. It sounds like you're pretty stressed out about this plus the continual traveling. We're here for you too.

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    kkmay .. you reading this one?

    I know your partner, OP, said they don't want to come here. Would they skype with someone? I have experience, Patrick has experience .. would he do a one on one or group chat with a few of us that have been through the process?

    Or email? Type chat?
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

    T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12

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