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Thread: Partner with first major pressure sore... not doing well.

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    Hi Everyone: Don is actually doing better... Insurance approved home nursing care to come in daily for wound care... The tunneling was 6cm and now 3cm. He is staying out of his chair more and it seems to be helping. The improvement is buying him time but the prognosis is probably not very good... He has had
    seat mapping done to change his cushion but I agree that he needs to be out of his chair completely. Thanks for all the advise, and prayers... they definitely are needed...



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    I had a grandfather deal with complications to ulcers but never at this level. His was really bad I remember, I think it was stage 2 or 3? I think they are serious enough to consider care of some kind.

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    Pro – stat AWC really helped my stage IV I think. It’s awful tasting liquid protein, but they gave it to me in rehab and I healed really well. Stayed off of it (truly and completely) for months also, but I think the protein also really helped. Company is Nutricia.

    They have it on Amazon too:

    Best of luck to the OP and gasps of wonder at you other sore survivors.

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    Hello. I am a caregiver for my brother who has been complete quadriplegic since 02/2016. Your partner is so lucky to have only developed one sore in 12 years. My brother has 3 stage 4 ulcers... HUGE... and at one point bone was exposed. How large is the ulcer? Is it infected? Have you inquired about a wound VAC for closure?

    In regards to living with a stage 4 wound, they can live with them, for awhile before the infections start, then sepsis, then antibiotic resistant infections, etc... You need to really have a physician who is on top of things and willing to work with him.

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