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Thread: horseriding post burns amputation with cerebral palsy

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    horseriding post burns amputation with cerebral palsy

    I got angry and burnt my legs off.anyway I will go back to horseriding, how do other brain, spinal patients get on their horse?what type saddle modifications do you use?

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    I got angry and burnt my legs off.

    Here is some information about horseback riding for people with physical disabilities:

    This organization in NZ would be the first place to start I would think:

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    In the early days, we used sheep skin over the saddle and down the legs. real sheep wool.

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    depending on your level you can be like amberly synder and just have a belt she is a wpra holder barrel racer she is tough or if higher check out nick smith a quad c6c7 he trains and rides sorting horses I sold my saddle to lea it had a high back and belly band you are in for the count they go down so you

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    saw a video on facebook last week of a young blonde woman who was paralyzed from the waist down and had two horses. She was a riding champion before her car accident. She loved to ride so much she modified her saddle with a Roho Quatra Cushion and a car seat belt. Then someone had to lift her up on the horse and once her feet were secured in the stirrups she would strap her thighs in close to saddle with velcro straps. She is back competing in the barrel races and cow roping. Amazing young girl. The video was under the name of horse spirit.

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    Just like normal as a teen but couldn't cantor or run.

    Your legs are gone? Might mod a saddle with belts then?
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