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Thread: Multiple C1 & C2 Fractures No SCI

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    Multiple C1 & C2 Fractures No SCI

    About 7 months ago I was in a MVA where I sustained multiple fractures to C1 & C2 w/o SCI.
    I am in PT and regaining some of my neck movement.
    When I bend my neck to the left or right (ear to shoulder) I get incredible pressure around the top of my head. The pressure (like a vice) stops movement. If I stroke my head with my fingers 1 or 2 x, it seems to relive the pressure and allow movement.
    How can I permanently relieve this pressure?

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    Are you cleared by your orthospine physician for this kind of neck movement? Sounds like you are having some muscle spasm in your neck muscles, which is pulling on your scalp. Massage (deep tissue) can help this, and a low dose of a muscle spasm medication such as Flexoril might help temporarily.


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