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Thread: thumb pain

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    thumb pain

    As a quad I have used my thumb over the decades in various ways to lift and push on things that have probably resulted in unnatural forces in biomechanically disadvantageous directions. The result is now excruciating pain doing the most trivial of activities and even at rest. MRI and x-ray shows nothing overtly obvious. It may just be a situation of ligamentous laxity, chronic hyperextension, as well as joint and neuronal compression.

    All minor treatment options have proven ineffective. There is really nothing left to do except to consider a thumb fusion. However even the hand surgeon I go to is loath to do it, citing his one experience with the quad where the healing process took repeated surgeries over the period of a year for the fusion to take. At least that's what he says.

    If this is the route chosen, I can only imagine the nightmare of the healing process in which all weight-bearing will probably need to be eliminated for at least 2 to 3 months. This would make all ADLs impossible and necessitating getting a Foley for that period, which I've had before for such issues and which is the least of my long-term worries.

    Any knowledge of such maladies or people that have had similar problems?

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    I have had thumb pain over the years. For me it helps to apply pressure to the painful joint with my other hand, or apply a layer of aspercreme.

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    COBOL finger

    I get pain in the thumb. I have cut, zapped, nuked, burnt and done all sorts of things to my fingers. Also bashed them slipping on wet push rims.

    Skin sloughs off which I jokingly called COBOL finger even though I have never been near a COBOL compiler. This only happened decades after I burnt them. This is the site of an old burn.

    I get pain in the joint and noted some swelling and blue possibly due to hemorrhage. This is the site of an old deep cut.

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    Have you tried kinetic tape?

    Para but just had a neuroma and trigger finger fixed on my left hand ... that's been considered?
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    Thou I am a para, I own a flower shop so I have to use a power chair at work. I started to get thumb pain on my left hand. Side of my controller. I would always push my power with the area between my thumb and pointer. Started with stealing one of my cat toy balls, cut a slit in it and put it over my power lever. Found it a bit small.then moved to a tennis ball until my son went to the auto parts store and got a car stick shift knob. Needed to put a spacer of a piece of plastic tubing over the metal piece over the current lever and put the ball on. My hand pain is gone since more of my hand is making contact on the ball. Plus Now I have a cool 8 ball controller knob.
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    You can try the bodypoint dome joystick handle, looks like a mushroom cap. It eliminates the thumb joint strain at the webspace by allowing you to distribute the force across the palm of your hand. It has helped me somewhat but is far from my answer.

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