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Thread: My Video is now up, showing my rear suicide door conversion... with transfer and all

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    Thanks for the update. Saw the original post before.
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    There are lots of hinge kits available to do this. Unfortunately, most mod shops won't do it. I called all around Minnesota when I was considering doing this to a Ford Flex. In the meantime we bought my wife's grampa's old chrysler town and country awd, so won't have to consider doing something like this for a few years again. Thanks for sharing the vids.

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    Yea, It was hard for me to find someone or a shop to do this locally for me as well. Most people who are have a lot of experience doing collision repair could do this type of mod. A good amount of them have their own shop on the side, or at least access to a garage with the tools needed. I finally just went to a dealership around lunchtime, that does their own in house collision repair and asked some of the guys if any had a side shop or did side work. I found the guy who did the work for me at the second dealership that I went to. He had a side job doing audio installs in a small bay that he rented out. He also was into the "mini truck" scene and had done a couple suicide door conversions on those types of trucks. Anyway, that's how I found the guy who did my work.
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