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Thread: What company prescribed your chair

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    Hi folks, didnt get much joy at the Shepherd Center in person, but found a person I have met previously is still there, now the challenge of will he answer an email! Left some brochures anyway for the seating driving people.

    About to go to TIRR today, chance my luck there...

    Tried a person at National Seating and Mobility here in Houston, and seems I'm not going to get to meet anyone unless she relents and gives me a time today.

    The good news is the Custom Hot-rod companies are proving very good to make contact with, they are people that love to use their skills to modify cars however people want them, and that is very refreshing after the brick walls I'm seeing elsewhere!

    Seems to me once there is a layer of 'managers' around a function things go from customer to $ focus and we cannot get a look in...

    If any of you want some electronic info on this product fill out the query form on the Abiliquip website or just email us.

    Net result of my trip is positive:
    - a workable plan to get installers that does not need a mobility dealer. Specifically have custom shops in Nashville, Atlanta and prob one in Houston
    - 2 more people will be getting Abiloaders in the USA
    - some contacts at VA and PVA and others to correspond further with
    - the two seating companies to try to work with, even if they appear relucant at this stage

    Many thanks for your help to date. SCI nurse what region are you in? We have a few people who act as reference customers and happy to show off their devices if you were interested.
    Au revoir, I fly back o NZ tonight. :}

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    Perhaps a move to the Manufacturer and Vendor sub-forum is in order.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddity View Post
    Perhaps a move to the Manufacturer and Vendor sub-forum is in order.
    This thread was moved there nearly a week ago.

    There are 4 SCI nurses: One in NY, one in CO, one in TX, and one in CA. I am in CA, but retired, so not able to provide you any local contacts at rehab centers. As far as van or auto modification companies in SoCal, I am most familiar with Mac's Lift Gate (Los Angeles area) and the Ability Center in San Diego. Our local adaptive driving program is at Sharp Rehabilitation Center in San Diego:

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