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Thread: Kennedy Kreiger in Baltimore

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    Smile Kennedy Kreiger in Baltimore

    Hi All,

    So I just faxed off all my papers to Kennedy Krieger Nurse case manager. I was referred there by Dr. Feldman at Physical Medicine & Rehab at John Hopkins. I'm in my 6th month since my spinal stroke (T7 - T8). I have some small signs of healing. Like I can control the flow of urine in my cath. I feel stabbing all the time in my L big toe, and, I have lots of tingling in both legs.
    I'm hopeful that they'll accept me and hoping to at least be able to stand by my birthday in May. We shall see.

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    Hi Lisa - I am/was a patient of KKI - Hope you get accepted - the therapist are great as well as their programs.

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    that's awesome Treeza. I hope so too. ..

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