OK, I know this is a long shot, but I will give it a whirl.

I am working for a movie production company as a medical consultant. The company is producing a feature film about John Callahan (the cartoonist), who sustained a C5-6 injury in 1972. I met yesterday with the art/set decoration/costume staff, and we are trying to find some of the following:

Foster or Stryker frames (we have, amazingly, a CircLectric bed already)

Halo brace of that era, esp. those were the vest was plaster cast and not plastic. Photos would be great too.

Mobile Arm supports

Resting hand splints

Dynamic splints such as a tenodesis or flexor hinge splint

E&J wheelchairs, both manual and power, of that era.

Crutchfield tongs ( and Pulley System w/ traction) (not Gardner-Wells tongs)

Photos of any of this type of equipment or people going through rehab in that era that may not already be on the internet.

PM me if you have any contacts or stuff to share.