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Thread: High Leukocyte level in urinalysis results

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    High Leukocyte level in urinalysis results

    My insurance agent felt I needed to get into new life insurance policy in order to extend coverage into later years.
    So, I get all the basic tests - blood, urine, etc. Find out that the underwiters are concerned with urinalysis results - high leukocyte levels and presence of white blood cells.
    Mention was made of concerns that this might indicate problem with neurogenic bladder.

    Leukocyte screen - 50 H

    Does this imply a neurogenic bladder.
    Any ideas on how I should address this?


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    High Leukocytes are indicators that you might have a uti.

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    What follow up are you supposed to take based on these results?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    What follow up are you supposed to take based on these results?
    That's unclear so far. I think they want me to consult a urologist, but my primary physician has already ascertained that there is no sign of UTI.
    I guess I'll take the results that I receive from the insurance exam and check with a urologist. I was treated for a sever UTI back in 2013.
    I was wondering if there's anyway to check for neurogenic problems?


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    A urodynamics study by an urologist

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    A urodynamics study by an urologist
    I don't care to experience what I did 4 years ago (bouts of "chills" so intense I couldn't work at the keyboard) and I need to get this life insurance issue cleared up.

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    Was this physical done by and tests ordered by one of your physicians or an insurance company appointed one?

    Sounds like you had urodynamic studies done 4 years ago. What was the conclusion from those studies?

    How do you manage your bladder?

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    I recently had tests done by my primary care physician. Test came back with indication of some contamination, but when I questioned him about it , he indicated that there was nothing pointing to a specific organism so he couldn't order an antibiotic. I left it at that but then the results from the insurance physical came back with this leukocyte reading.
    The infection in 2013 was severe enough that I had to go to the urologist at lest twice, as I recall and he did a cystoscopy on the last visit. Required two rounds of antibiaotics before it was over.
    I'll be checking back with him if I can find him. I think he relocated, but is still in my area.
    I don't really manage my bladder as I am mobile to a limited extent, I commute to work everyday. I have urgency when I arrive at work and at home, a little bit of incontinence.

    I guess I have to start paying better attention before I run into trouble again.
    Back in 2013 I was commuting by train. That commute seemed to aggravate a few problems.

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    In order to try to lift the cloud regarding the condition of your bladder, have your doctor, who knows your case the best, write a letter explaining your medical condition and why someone with your level of disability and compromised bladder might have bacteria in the urine. Have your personal physician order another urinalysis (UA) and culture & sensitivity (C&S), no matter what the urinalysis finds. Include the most recent urine tests with the letter.

    If I understand you correctly, you urinate quite infrequently, which means your bladder is holding a lot of urine for a long time, which is likely contributing to high leukocyte readings and potential infection. Current urodynamic studies would of course give you and the insurance company the information needed to explain high leukocytes, bacteria present, and if you should try another method of managing you bladder (like intermittent catheterization) to keep urine volume low, bladder pressures low, and markers for urinary tract infections in the normal range. Your previous urodynamic studies may provide some pertinent information to the insurance company, if the diagnosis 4 years ago was a neurogenic bladder. But, if the insurance company doesn't buy into your current doctor's explanation and results of new tests, then they might very well require further testing and a current diagnosis by a urologist.

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    Thank you very much!

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