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Thread: Has anyone seen a Roho like this

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    Has anyone seen a Roho like this

    Has anyone seen a Roho like this before. I cannot find one on their site.

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    May be custom made. Have you talked to them by phone? Do you currently have this cushion?


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    No I have not, I saw it on ebay and I am interested in a good low profile cushion that will help keep my legs inward.

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    I think you'd be better off with the Roho Contour Select:

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    Thanks, I am looking for a low profile cushion with lateral support. Closest thing to perfect in shape and size would be the Invacare Absolute cushion.

    I do not think it will offer the comfort and protection I need.

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    Regarding "... I am looking for a low profile cushion with lateral support." - the Star brand can also be obtained with; for example, a 2" center height and a 3" side row height. Custom cell topologies cost approximately $45 extra. Note the "You can customize this cushion" reference here.

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    Hi Tony,

    This is a custom design - something we (ROHO) can easily do. Looks like it has 4" HIGH PROFILE cells on the lateral rows and LOW PROFILE cells for all the interior rows. If you wanted to replicate this design, I would suggest adding a separate valve for the HIGH PROFILE rows so you could control the inflation of these cells (to provide more control for position of your legs).

    I also suggest you look at the ROHO ENHANCER Cushion, which is a standard product which has a similar pre-contoured shape using multiple heights of cells. The valve construction of the ENHANCER Cushion does allow you to control the taller lateral cells independent from the interior cells, so you can maximize the envelopment properties of the cushion (and help control the position of your legs).

    Feel free to contact me directly if you wish to discuss these options within the ROHO product line.


    Tom Borcherding
    ROHO Inc. / Permobil Inc.

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    Tony, another option is you could use a standard ROHO LOW PROFILE Cushion (inflated cell height approx. 2.5") and then build up the lateral support you need with foam inserts placed below the cushion. Good luck!

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    I just switched from roho to s ride design cushion and wish I did it years ago look them up. Not an air cushion but you will not regret it

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