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Thread: Ultraportable toilet seat ideas?

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    Ultraportable toilet seat ideas?

    So at the age of 34 I've got a job that pays for me to take vacations (what witchcraft is this???? Why was I working for myself years ago to save up money for travel when someone would have paid me to do it!?!??!?)

    My (perhaps unrealistic) goal is to fit my toilet seat in a carry-on bag with all of my other clothes (I can pack light, believe me).

    Right now I use this kind of toilet seat

    My frame is like 9 years old so it's a little rusty and I've replaced the grey cushioned portion with one that doesn't quite fit the bolt holes, but when I travel right now the smallest package I can make this is like 18" by 18" by around 6". The cushioned seat itself is about 16" x 16" x 3 or 4", and on occasion I've used just that on a toilet seat straight on the toilet bowl without the frame, but it can get pretty messy and requires some acrobatics because there's not quite enough room to clear (and 16 x 16 is still too big for a carryon bag.

    I've whined about this before and someone posted a picture of their toilet seat where they took the gray cushioned part and cut it in half, putting on a hinge so it could fold up to half the size (something like 16"x8"x8", which would probably fit in a carryon, but if it had a hinge it would probably be a little too sketchy to put straight up on the toilet seat, and ideally I'd like a frame so even in the worst case scenario if I end up in a hotel with a weird toilet or pooping in the woods I could use just the frame cushion over a bag (I have needed to do this before while camping when the toilet bowl of a pit toilet was too high for my toilet frame. I could "probably" have balanced the cushion part on the plastic lips of the pit toilet, but I might have been taking my life - or at least my dignity - in my own hands at that point).

    Anyway, I'm being far too wordy again.

    Basically I'm looking for any out of the box ideas for an extremely packable way to take a dump while traveling that fits the following criteria.
    1- Small - packs up into package less than 18" x 10" x 6".
    2- Elevates me at least 4 inches above the toilet
    3- Can be used without a toilet (in case I'm camping in the woods)
    4- Won't give me pressure sores - probably the most important, but basically it has to have padding of some kind.

    My credentials are as follows: 34 year old, slender, tall, T8ish complete with average strength and slightly below average flexibility.

    I'm really really trying to think outside of the box. Eventually I will have to replace this rusting toilet seat frame, and I went so far as to consider trying to convince a local titanium bicycle manufacterer to build me a simple titanium toilet seat frame to my specifications, but I was broke and figured I didn't have the money to pay him for it. At this point in my life I've got a little money and I'm getting a new wheelchair in 2017 and paying taxes, so I could probably write a custom toilet seat off (since I'll be well over my 10% out of pocket in any case). I'm well up to having somebody build something out of aluminum for me, but I'm also open to the idea of some kind of elevation system that attaches to the toilet instead of the floor, thus making the frame unnecessary, i would just have to figure a way to elevate it off the ground a little so I could poop in a tent if I needed to.

    Before you launch into your spiel about how I should just pack the frame I have separately and thus get the bag checked for free, that doesn't work for two reasons. One, it's just far too inconvenient to be balancing multiple bags on my lap while rushing to make my flight or trying to negotiate a curbcutless curb or push up a steep hill. Two, I'm not planning on doing all (or much) of my travel in the united states and thus the medical equipment exemption wouldn't hold everywhere and if I'm changing planes in Toronto and Munich en route to Budapest I don't want to find myself without my toilet seat at the end of the journey where I don't even speak the language and have no hope of getting the airline to track it down for me.

    Please throw out any ideas you have, including "you're an idiot this isn't possible" and pie in the sky kinda stuff. I need a good brainstorming session.
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    Thanks SCI nurse!

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    You've raised an important issue!
    I'm female and when I could no longer transfer even to a "handicapped" height toilet seat I found TravelJohn (see amazon). I keep a few of them in my backpack for #1.
    You might find some ideas by googling or amazon for 'camping toilet'.

    As far as #2 is concerned, I wish someone would invent a device, perhaps a transfer board with a toilet-opening-sized hole on one end that would allow one to slide from chair to toilet seat, leaving the whole board in place. However, that would not help you unless there were 4" risers of some kind underneath and padding on top of the whole thing, AND be foldable. Maybe something inflatable?

    I'd love to see some ideas on this too. Thanks for posting.

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    This is a great Thread. I need padding on any toilet seat, too. The government insurance would only give me a textured, unpadded model, which, in my case, could best be used to shred the skin off of my bottom...That IS their purpose, isn't it? be sure that wound care nurses always have sufficient clients? I accepted it because I don't have the money to buy anything else, so I will try to figure out a hygienic way to pad it. But I'm here to cheer you on in finding a small, folding toilet chair to travel with. And good for you!! getting a job that pays you to take vacations. Yes, so ironic that you had saved up money so that you could travel.
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    This without the backrest and side? It's not tiny, but quite a bit smaller than yours must go? I've got a Nuprodx chair and I am seriously impressed with it. I need more support than you (i.e. mine is bigger). When I travelled in an ultralight I always put the majority of my luggage in an under seat bag, which might add capacity without affecting tippiness etc?

    Just FYI, the medical exemption thing does extend to Europe, but I realise that doesn't fix the other issues with checking it in as luggage.

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    I have had the Nuprodx chair/bench for over 10 years, it is worth every penny.

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    I use a Nuprodx product with wheels , it takes 1/2 a 28" piece of luggage.

    I found this which is ultra compact but no padded seat

    When my stationary shower chair needed a replacement padded seat I opted for one of these and it fits well enough for me and at $35 it is about 1/3 the price of a nuprodx or Invacare.

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    years ago I posted links to a bunch of different mobile/portable peeing options that would've worked for hey man, or a woman who could squat, or sit on the edge of something, or somehow positioned well enough in bed. I leave it to better searcher that I, but I think there are a few nifty things, several along the lines of collection containers that turn to gel. I was more mobile the&.

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    Not exactly what you are looking for, but it will be a little smaller. You could get one of these.

    Ditch the skirt. Remove all of the legs and put them in your carry on luggage along with the seat. Also, get one of these if you want to add padding.

    Now when you get to the hotel, put the legs back on and adjust to the height you want. I do this when traveling. It is a lot more trouble than just unfolding something (plus you have to bring tools), but I don't travel often. I got the Duro-Med, because I didn't need durability (I can't speak for the Medline). I haven't used it enough to say how well it lasts, but one of the reviews sounded negative. The plastic seat is very light (some kind of ABS or polystyrene). The legs can be mounted inside or outside and the "feet" can be attached to either side of the leg. In addition the legs can be bent a little. This allows it to be configure for a lot of different toilet seats. Btw- my Duro-Med had 5 legs that are thinner, painted steel (I think) and are lighter than the solid aluminum ones seen in the picture (ymmv).

    Packing this takes up about 16x15x1.5 and weighs about 2.5 lb for the seat and legs and about 1.25 lb for the padding. And you need to bring 1 phillips screw driver and 1 box wrench.
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    Another option is you could get any kind of folding seat legs, like
    Well, maybe not exactly like these, if you want something wide enough to fit around a toilet.

    And if you have a toilet seat made of something solid, you can just screw on spring clips in the correct location and snap the seat onto the legs. This would even work for your hinged seat.

    You can add some kind of spacer between the seat and clip to add some height, if needed. Or, bring some leg extensions to slide onto the legs.
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