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Thread: Sportaid 120% guarantee

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    Sportaid 120% guarantee

    Tried to use Sportaid's 120% guarantee today and found out they don't honor what they say in the guarantee. I was trying to buy some surgilube. They used the excuse that they are a durable equipment place and where I am buying from was a pharmacy. Don't see that specified in their guarantee. Pretty bad excuse.

    At, we are committed to making sure you always receive the best price and value on every purchase you make. Our Lowest Price Guarantee is a testament to that commitment.

    If you should find an adverstised lower price, on an item we carry, from a local competitor, an online store, or a catalog, even if that item is already on sale, we will not only meet 100% of the lower price, we will beat the price by an additional 20% of the difference to thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    For example, if you find an identical item for $399 at one of our competitors, and our price is $499, then we will match the $399 price and take-off an additional 20% of the difference for a total guaranteed price of $379.

    To claim your refund while making a purchase, just indicate the catalog page, newspaper clipping or website where you saw the merchandise advertised in the comments box on the checkout page.

    To claim your refund under this guarantee prior to sale, simply fax or email us with the catalog page, newspaper clipping or quote where you saw the merchandise advertised.

    If you have any questions about our 120% Lowest Price Guarantee, please call us at (770) 554-5033 or email us at Our fax number is (770) 554-5944.

    Thank you very much for helping us remain the low price leader!

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    That is not cool.

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    IIRC there are 2 'businesses', Sportaid and Medaid. Might have something to do with that. Regardless, it should be made crystal clear for their customers.
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    That seems about right. Usually the guarantees are good until you try to use them. They say any item they carry from an online store. They should have made good on it. I have always found certain items priced very high and others the same price as other online vendors. I normally don't purchase from this place and won't now if they do this kind of thing.
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    Sounds like bait and switch game.

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    Eventually sportaid is going to go out of business. Everytime before I order something from them I look to see if amazon has it first. Sportaid isn't the best at customer service. The last 3 times I ordered from them the order "didn't go through" or was "canceled" for some reason or another from their end. Once they sent me an email to let me know if was canceled (several days after the order) the other two times I just had to figure it out on my own by calling them after a couple weeks.

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    I've being buying my wheelchair parts from SportAid for years and have been satisfied with them. I have never had them honor their 120% guarantee and my inquires go unanswered.

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    False advertising - Fuk sportaid
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