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Thread: Sudden increase in bladder spasms?

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    dang you guys are cathing this often? i only cath every 6 hours. sometimes just before bed (i can kinda pee on my own via spasm when i feel the urge)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mize View Post
    gjnl, I don't think you understand. I try to limit volumes. I honestly do. I just have no way of accurately predicting and I'm already cathing 7-8x per day.
    Here's my last approx 24 hours:

    6 PM: normal cath @ ~ 400 mL
    6-10 PM: 4 slices of homemade pizza with green chile, provalone, garlic and avocado after the bake + 3 beers and some water.

    Now I know the saltiness of the pizza and the alcohol in the beer slows my kidneys down so my next cath I wated until
    10:45: 200 mL

    I then accurately predict continued slow production and do my next cath 4:45 hours later at
    3:30 AM: 200 mL

    So now I'm pretty sure the volume will pick up as I'm far enough removed from salt and alcohol so I to my next cath 3.5 hours later at
    7:00 AM: 700 mL (with leakage)

    My mistake was I guess I should have known, based on precise measurement of sodium and alcohol that I should have cathed 2 or 2.5 hours later?
    To continue:
    Coffee at 7:35, then BP then cath at 9:30 (~2 hours after coffee): 400 mL
    Two eggs, salsa and avocado for breakfast at 10:00
    Then cath again at noon (2.5 hours): 400 mL
    1 hour of glider and some water cath again at 3:45 (<4 hours): 600 mL + leakage.

    So it's terribly unpredictable and the ONLY way I can judge volume is lying flat on my back with my hand.

    I would love nothing more than to always be between 300-500, but I've always struggled with this. Until recently the occassional (~ 1 or 2/day) large cath didn't result in leaks and my uro was fine with the occasional larger cath.

    Very open to suggestions.

    Sounds like you're kinda chasing your tail a bit with all the wild inconsistencies. I'd be tempted to make it easier on myself and just cath on the clock, sometime conveniently around the 4th hour, and just be setup to deal with the occasional small leakage.

    (Also, regular Botox injections completely replaced anticholenergenics for me, and completely stopped the leaking and volume related spasms. I did that for years. Now I just cath on the clock, or when I feel like I want/need some more time without cathing, like just before a movie, or a Civ 6 game, etc.)
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    Many things going on here. First, don't go by the clinical bladder analysis alone. Your bladder is not a digital device such that it suffers only above 800 ml. It will start to weaken gradually before that level. Personally, I can get away with cathing 800 ml depending on the time and what I drink. I can tolerate 800 ml in the daytime but not at night. I can tolerate 800 ml of water but not sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. Alcohol will relax your bladder initially but ultimately it acts like a diuretic. That's why drinking beer at night enables you to make it through the night in a relaxed state but then it backfires by the morning. Your sleep is recovery time for your brain and body, including the bladder. Instead of starting your day with your bladder rested, you started your day with it stressed. Now you add coffee and your poor bladder is being used and abused. Be kind to it and restrict your fluid intake close to bedtime, especially alcohol. It is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Because it relaxes you, you can sleep longer without spasms. But sleeping longer under the influence of a diuretic is asking to wake with a UTI or at least UTI symptoms. Keep this up over time and you're just punishing your bladder. Then you go to your doctor for pills. Your doctor doesn't discuss lifestyle. He just give you the pills. Have you solved your problem or only suppressed it?

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