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Thread: Nerve pain from jeans

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    Nerve pain from jeans

    Does anyone else get bad nerve pain from jeans? I feel like it's got to come from sitting on the seams of the back pockets. I want to wear jeans more but they can be really uncomfortable.

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    The seams of jeans can also cause you skin breakdown due to pressure ulcers (pressure injury). We always recommend removing the patch pockets on the back, since you shouldn't be sitting on these seams, and you shouldn't be keeping anything in your patch pockets anyway. Some have also gone the next step and either had a friend or tailor convert the double seam in the crotch to a single seam, or just purchase jeans made for wheelchair users, such as USA Jeans or other manufacturer.


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    My wife removes the back pockets and sews them on the side of the legs just below the knee. I keep my wallet in one of the pockets.

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    Tprewitt, I congratulate you for having such a talented and helpful wife.
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    I have the worst time with jeans. I have the ring of fire around my waist and jeans or anything that touches it makes it worse..

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    Hi - I have had MS for many years. The last year or so I have been having an intermittent pain on my right lower abdomen that seemed to coincide with when I was wearing jeans or pants which exerted similar pressure. There was no lump, no "tender spot" per se, I even did have an ultrasound done, etc. Just a weird pain when touched certain ways - pressing harder did not usually create discomfort at all. What it is sounding like is that it is some weird nerve pain? Could that be true for me with MS nerve damage too? LOL anyone know where I should look to learn about that? I have just felt nuts trying to describe it.

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