Long time everybody! Haven't been here for a while.

Back to uti life style....grrr
Been on Cipro, ampicillin (sp), penicillin and just started a10 day cycle 2x per day or every 12 hours. You name I've probably been on it in the past year. Makes it really tough juggling a part time job as well....fml

So here's my concern. If I go back to using vetericyn wound & infection VF who's to tell me that I don't have a infection in the pathway leading to my bladder? (Ureter)
How can using vetericyn through supra pubic into my bladder say that I'm uti free?
Can't the infection be in the ureter and/or kidney never make it into the bladder?

I guess my point I'm making is, isn't there a difference between a urinary tract infection vs a bladder infection?
Someone please enlighten me