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Thread: Help me find Universal Cuff

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    Help me find Universal Cuff


    Can someone please help me find Universal Cuff for typing, eating etc.

    I prefer length adjustable strap like below but with pocket open at both the ends.

    Thanks for your time and help.

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    Finding one that is open on both ends is a little harder. Can't tell for sure on these but you can call the company for more information:

    It is also possible, since the Norco one you show above has the end of the pocket sewn closed, that you could just have someone take out the stitches on the far end and it could then be open on both ends. Also, someone with a little sewing skill could adapt some of the elastic band ones to Velcro with a D ring.


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    NL makes my universal cuffs out of one inch cotton webbing, velcro for adjustable closure and in between layers to hold the utensil tighter and readily available findings (d-ring and rectangular ring). If you know someone who sews, it is pretty easy to figure out how to make these.
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    I did an internet search ("pattern for universal cuff") and found instructions for making a universal cuff. Here is one:

    By the way, I don't use the cuff as pictured below. Notice that the user in the photo has the utensil on top of the hand. When I use my cuff, the utensil comes from the palm side of my hand. You don't have to turn your wrist or arm so much when the utensil is under rather than on top of the hand.
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