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Thread: Restoring Bladder, Bowel and Sexual Function after SCI - Berkeley Spinal Network

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    Restoring Bladder, Bowel and Sexual Function after SCI - Berkeley Spinal Network

    I found this video on youtube in which Dr. Creasey discusses a pacemaker developed in Britain that is capable of producing an erection as well as emptying the bladder and bowel, reducing infection and the use of catheters by men and women with SCI Dr. Creasey is developing this solution further for people with SCI in the US.

    Also found the trail.

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    This is essentially the same old Vocare (Brindley) implanted voiding/defectation/erection system that Dr. Creasey was promoting in the 1990s. This is when Holly, the woman in the video had hers done. We were involved in the initial clinical trials and inserted 6. It is a big surgery, and you must have the sensory nerves cut from your bladder, bowel, and genitals to have this procedure done. We screened 20 patients for every 1 to whom we offered the surgery. The company eventually went out of business in the USA, due to lack of sufficient volume of sales.

    It looks like they are doing this to get new FDA approval for the same device, since the old approval was tied to the previous manufacturer.


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