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Thread: Source for small support hose ? thigh high

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    Source for small support hose ? thigh high

    One benefit of being bedbound with a stage IV pressure ulcer was that my feet shrunk down to normal size, a woman's six medium. Previous life in the chair had left me a 7.5ww. I really would like to prevent that explosion again, but I can't seem to find small enough support hose for my now-atrophied legs.

    I have a pair of knee highs that seem tight enough, but I don't remember where I got them or what brand they are. I would like to get a few more in thigh highs and other colors. I couldn't find any comparable children's sizes, and when I called the DME company they said they don't come that small. These are the measurements I took a few months ago, may have gone up a little:

    In inches:
    Ankle – 6.5
    calf –10
    knee – 13
    thighs – 11.5
    my knee to my ankle – 16

    Any advice?
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    Hanger Orthotics is a national company (as far as i know). They provided my custom stockings. You must have a Dr prescription for custom compression hose, then make appt w provider for measurement, and the hose are made to your measurements. Providers such as Hanger, Apria etc will be specific to your insurance plan. Best of luck

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    I am now Medicare primary, BC
    BS secondary. Does anyone know where I should start?

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    Your doctor, for a prescription.

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