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Thread: Gained weight in legs (very quickly)

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    Gained weight in legs (very quickly)

    I was dealing with a pressure sore for over 5 years and couple of months ago, and finally it got closed. Very recently, i realized that my legs gained so much weight. Almost to a point that my legs are as thick as before my injury ( 15+ years). Also my belly seems to be bigger as well. I haven't changed my diet, eating the same and I am more active than before.
    So not sure why the weight gain all of a sudden? Is it just weight or something might be off? Is it something i need to look into?
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    Yup. See your doctor.

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    Are you sure it is weight gain (fat primarily) and not edema (swelling)? Does it "pit" when you push on it? Pitting edema is associated with heart failure and also with renal disease. Nothing to take lightly. See your provider.


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    thank you for the posts. I realized that, there was def. some swelling and couple days later, it was even more swollen. I ended up going to ER because they sent me from Urgent Care. They did bunch of tests including Ultrasound on my legs to see if there is any blockage, blood cloth, but couldn't find anything. they did have an xray on my chest, also did an EKG, but they said, everything is normal and why legs are this swollen is a mystery. I saw my regular doctor and he said everything looks normal from the tests they have done in ER and didn't feel like more needs to be done. Swelling went down in time, but today, i woke up my legs are swollen again. What should I do. should i keep digging..
    Age: 23, Male, T-6, Student

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    Limit your salt intake........elevate the legs as much as possible.........wear support all means, continue to search for the reason this is happening.
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    Did you recently start taking Neurontin? It can cause leg swelling.


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