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    Arrow Everyday chair into sports chair

    I've put in every possible combination of words in the search engine to find some posts without much luck.
    So if you could direct me to some posts that would be helpful.

    Now on to my question. How would you go about turning an old everyday wheelchair into a sports chair?
    I have an zra I could use or a quickie ti. This chair is going to be used for more agility and to play basketball with my able bodied friends.

    Would i I need different size wheels or wil my 24 inch wheels work?

    How do I figure out the camber to give me the best agility without the top of the wheels rubbing my sides?

    Besides what I wrote above and getting some different castors what else would you do?

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    My everyday chair is multi-purposed to include handcycling. It has two axles: everyday with 4Deg camber and ~+3 CoG, and cycling with 6Deg camber and ~-1" CoG. Pics in my signature.

    You could get a longer axle to achieve more camber; how much camber will your wheels tolerate? I believe high-camber wheels are specially designed. If you'd like, I can help determine the required length of a new axle.

    Remember a good anti-tipper. I have TiLite's single swivel caster anti-tip; it's fabulous. (I kept bending the stock anti-tippers.)
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    Hey thanks for the reply back. I'm not sure how much camber my wheels can take. I looked on tilites site and it looks like it goes up to 18 degrees of camber so I'm assuming my wheels can take that much but I don't think I need that much. Thanks for showing me that anti tip didn't even know tilite made a single anti tip.

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    Assuming you are paralyzed, you may want to have some "dump" in the chair. If you're not familiar with the term, it's setting the height of the rear of your wheelchair seat lower than the front of the seat. (New chairs can be ordered with a dump). Since you're dealing with an older chair you might be able to adjust the seat material somehow.
    The purpose of the dump for some folks is to have a "pocket" to sit in so you can then lean farther forward, stay balanced and not fall out of the chair for those contact sports like quad rugby and basketball, racing, etc. In my experience it helped me in pushing and maneuvering the chair, in addition to balance while playing basketball.

    Sounds like a fun project, but this is what the old-timers used to do before sports-specific wheelchairs were invented. There is a Facebook site, I think it's History of Wheelchair Roadracing and I have seen some photos there of folks who modified the tanks we all sat in.

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    Yes I am paralyzed from the chest down. This is one of the reasons I want to build it so I don't always feel like I'm falling forward. Yeah, the old time wheelchair basketball players were tough.

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