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Thread: Does anyone actually get "offended" from the term cripple or gimp?

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    No, I am crippled by spasticity and cerebral palsy is a horrible crippler sad truth of my life

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    Those two don't bother me. I hate "Wheelchair bound" though.

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    No. In fact, its a good icebreaker if someone may be uncomfortable around a handicapped person.
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    In my experience it's usually able-bodieds that get offended at such terms
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    Wink At the Cirque du Soleil some years back.

    "Hey mate, where is the crippled parking?"

    "You mean the invalid parking sir"

    "No, I'm not invalid, its just some of my limbs don't work too well. Where is the crippled parking?"

    I am up to my eye teeth with PC. It's not what you say, it's how you say it.

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    I prefer Pimp. but whatever floats their boat the only person EVER to call me "cripple" was a stripper. She was all..."oh but why NOT?" cause you aren't attractive enough, I replied. "At least i'm not a cripple" LOL Whatever baby. I can take you places you didn't know existed, spot me a 50, and we'll get it goin on

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    Quote Originally Posted by graybeard View Post
    I call myself a gimp. I do it cuz it is what it is. Im fucked up, and shit aint coming back. So be it. PC talk is for the Snowflakes... reality is for those who get their deal is screwed and jus go about their lives as best they can.
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    I've never been offended by those terms and use the screen name "Gimptafied" in most things including character names in video games. On a couple of occasions though, I've been chastised by other people online who find the name "offensive to people with disabilities."

    I identify as a liberal (of sorts) but personally think the world is getting ridiculous about being PC and sensitive. I get annoyed by the term "differently abled" but it's not like I'm going to start demanding people stop using it because it bugs me. I think people that go around screaming tolerance need to be more tolerant themselves. It's more the intent that matters.

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    I don't like the term "differenty abled" either. Like,...what would "differently abled" parking look like? Or, does a "differently abled" driver drive?
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    I feel like I was offended one time when someone used the term cripple. They used it and I thought "oh, hey... people don't call me that every day" as I continued on with my day as normal. That's being offended... right?

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