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Thread: Anti bacterial wipes for intermittent catheterization proceedure

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    Anti bacterial wipes for intermittent catheterization proceedure

    Does anyone else use the Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes or the Germ-X Soft Wipes for hand and tip of penis cleaning in the intermittent catheterization process? The betadine swabs are hard to open with one good hand and my teeth and messy as are the little BZC packets. I got the containers of 40 wipes at WalMart.

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    I use them when travelling. At home I use soap and water for my hands and BZK wipes for my schmeckel

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    Thanks t8burst.

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    I remember a discussion of BZK (Benzalkonium Chloride) Antiseptic Towelettes on this forum and searched for it this morning. SCI nurse KLD responded:

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Alcohol can be very drying, and I don't recommend regular use of Betadine on mucous surfaces. Benzalkonium chloride does not kill many of the bugs we are concerned about for your bladder. Cleaning with baby wipes that contain aloe would probably be best, or use just mild soap and water.

    A skin lotion that has urea as one of the ingredients will generally be more soothing and help more with dryness. Avoid perfumed lotions.

    See post #2 at

    When I read this, I remember being surprised because so many of the self contained cath kits include packets of the BZK wipes.

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    Just plain old unscented baby wipes work just fine! Hand sanitizer on hands only.

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    Thanks to all, and yes its weird cath kits have the BZK packets and manufacturer videos all show betadine swabs as the way to do it. I will look for baby wipes with aloe.

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    I use Wet Ones to wipe off my meatus but also use a swab of betadine too. I also wash my hands with antibacterial soap and use a new catheter every time. I also pack some Purell type hand sanitizer for public bathrooms. Geez they are filthy shitholes!

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