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Thread: Flying with medical equipment

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    Flying with medical equipment

    So despite having flown a half dozen times since my injury, I didn't realize until just a couple months ago that you could take medical equipment on the plane for free.

    The only reason I have to check a bag (and pay $25 or $50 each way) is because my toilet seat won't fit into a carryon bag. So I ended up buying a suitcase big enough to fit the toilet seat frame and I just pile all my clothes and stuff around it.

    Will they let me check this as medical equipment?
    I mean surely the toilet seat is medical equipment, but it's also definitely packed with socks and shoes and a toothrbush, etc, etc.

    I guess what I'm asking is what exactly counts as medical equipment, and can you have other things in the bag too?

    Just for ease of movement, I'll pay the extra money to not have to monkey with an extra box/bag if I have to.

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    Technically, in order to take a bag or box without paying the checked baggage fee, the bag must contain ONLY "medical" equipment. If you put clothing into the same bag, they can refuse to honor the fee-free rule. So you could put catheters, gloves, bed pads (Chux), baby wipes used for cathing, CPAP machine, etc. into the same bag with your toilet seat, but not clothes, shoes, etc. etc.


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    The rolling bag with my husband's Nuprodx shower chair is checked at no charge. I tell them what's in it at the ticket counter. There's no room for clothes in the Nuprodx bag, but I've never been asked.

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    That's kind of what I figured. It's way too hard to balance two different bags on my lap once I get where I'm going, so I guess I'll just have to keep paying the baggage fees.


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    So sorry you didnt know that you could fly medical equipment no charge and it doent have to be labeled...

    But you do have to tell the airline personal that are checking you in so they no not to charge you.

    Shower chairs, seats like yours, extra seat bottoms, we have even brought back us sand tires for our off road chair.

    We have even taken two power chairs no charge a main chair and an off road sand chair.

    If you use it for your disability just explain how and why and you will be fine.

    I would box it separate vs putting clothes ect. No need to buy a suitcase a protected box with bubble wrap works fine

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