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Thread: Anyone here from Toronto?

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    Anyone here from Toronto?

    I'm just wondering if anyone on here is from Toronto?

    I've gone back and forth with the idea of moving to the city for years (better access to SCI doctors, better accessibility, and more job opportunities), but I'd love to talk to someone from there (or from Ontario) to get a better idea what living there is like with a disability.

    If you're from there, or know someone who is from there that I can talk to, please leave a comment or send me a private message!

    Jen xoxo

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    I'm Canadian. I've lived in Toronto as well as a number of other cities.
    What city are you in now?

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    I've had the same thoughts ... but sooo expensive! I was seriously considering a move from Windsor to London last month ... I just don't want to give up my condo though. I'd have to rent it out and that I'm not certain of yet.

    So much opportunity in Toronto though. And fun! Last year, someone was looking for a room-mate for $400 per month in a two bedroom in downtown ... accessible ... but no pets
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    Hey, I am 40km west from Toronto .. in Oakville which is still GTA (Greater Toronto Area).
    I don't know many things about living independent handicap life in Toronto...
    first of all - I am quad...and I need help, so.. I am happy to see my wife with me
    Check out Canadian Paraplegic Assoc. if thy can help you with any connections:

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