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Thread: new laptop ?

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    Just enough OS to run an HTML 5 browser

    Quote Originally Posted by wheelin 48 View Post
    just want something for internet usage
    You may be better of with a Chrome book. This is just enough OS to run the Chrome browser. Many apps are moving to the cloud where someone takes care of updates and backups for you. All you need to do is update the HTML 5 client which a Chrome device will do for you.

    You can work on a Doc, Sheet or Slides on Drive. Log out and login elsewhere and all your changes are there too. The application only receives edits and pushes screen changes back via HTML 5. Very light on network usage compared to sending Office files up and down to the cloud.

    The constant breakage feature of Microsoft Windows is missing.

    Taylor made (avoid the constant breakage feature to begin with)

    Roll your own (if you want to fix the constant breakage feature yourself)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Ok, anyone actually use a touch screen on a laptop? And anything newer/better than an i7 on the horizon? (I'm too lazy to look).

    I was going to replace my 5? year old laptop a while ago, but after finding that i7's were still the best Intel had to offer, I just replaced the broken baseplate. The new baseplate is breaking again...and the question of new or fix comes up again, lol.
    I've been using a Lenovo laptop with Win 8.1 and touchscreen. It can be convenient at times. Not a must have feature for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    I just replaced the broken baseplate. The new baseplate is breaking again....
    what are you - having sex with it?
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