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Thread: How to keep legs together on power chair

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    How to keep legs together on power chair

    Hi there,

    I would like to buy a cheap power chair as a backup and I saw this one, invacare pronto p31. It is cheap and with my level c6/c7 I wouldn't have much problem to use it. My concern is how to keep my legs together on that chair. Any suggestion?

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    Just a suggestion, I had the same problem, Sportaid does custom made fabric straps with velcro. Just measure diameter with your legs placed and give them a call.

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    Body Point makes this one:

    That said, what kind of a cushion will you use on this chair? Some cushions are better than others for helping to keep knees from splaying. The Roho Contour Select is good:

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    Cushion is important, as gjnl points out.

    RE ROHO, Air cells allow legs to sink in, helping to keep knees together. My experience is that much can depend on a few other additional factors, such as:
    - the size of the roho (too wide - the extra cells can squeeze knees together; or narrow - the decreased width can aid in keeping knees apart, as legs depress along the outer sides of cushion etc.)
    - degree of slack in sling, if you use one. Rohos don't have a solid base, tho some models do come with one. If you prefer knees together, slack helps.

    If you use Jays or other similar types of cushion where there is a more solid, contoured/formed base, this can help keep legs/knees apart.

    But regardless of what cushion you use, the height and position of your feet may be more important, because that can alter everything mentioned above. The feet height will determine your knee height/level, which can spread your knees, whatever cushion you're using. The higher your knees, the wider they go.

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    Thanks. I have a roho low profile air cells that I would put on the captain seat. Since I do a lot of push ups that is why I need a strap on my legs. Speaking about Roho, I use the one compartment air cell and I like more than the new one with two compartments. I got two cushions dual compartments and I was loosing air on one side. I never found the hole. I went back to the single compartment without any problem so far.

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    My sister made the elastic straps my mother used. Wide elastic (3-4 inches) with Velcro closures. Worked well. You can also use wedging under your Roho cushion on the lateral sides of the thighs, but this is best done together with a computerized seating pressure evaluation to determine the effect.


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    3" & 4" wide very strong elastic straps in varying lengths with Velcro on the end are pretty widely available - try a search for Chattanooga nylatex wrap. They're surprisingly handy and pretty inexpensive.

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    I will be posting a photo of my new M300 in a couple of days. My DME tech is going to modify the legrests so my legs stay on.
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    You can just go to a store and buy a waist belt....What I do

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    When I used to tilt and recline my legs always fell off the sides of the power chair. I got lateral thigh supports which can be moved inward to the amount you want your legs kept together. Just about any power chair has an option for lateral thigh supports. Using these you won't have to strap your legs together.

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