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    Lightbulb *yawn* *stretch* Is that . . . daylight? /rolls out of cave


    Brief-ish prologue:

    I will soon be moving to a nursing home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    So, I'm starting a business to pay for it.

    Bonus: it can help fund/invest in research and/or trials.

    For marketing research reasons, the pitch is below.


    Yes, I am moving to a state where every single county voted for Trump is by my choosing.

    No, that is not the reason I am moving there.

    Yes, the nursing home is a temporary measure.

    Save for the occasional respiratory issue, I'm good.

    Now, where were we? Ah, yes. Clinical trials.

    How will we fund them? Grants and donations are one way, assuming Trump doesn't gut the NIH budget because science is evil, but I have a new method to supplement those funds.

    The top three YouTube's "stars", combined, exceeded $30 million in earnings last year. All told, they have fewer than 5,000 videos between them.

    Can we replicate their success by putting our personalities on YouTube? Unlikely.

    We CAN, however, borrow the Walmart model of high volume/low margins and apply it to YouTube.

    YouTube offers an API for software developers to upload videos. If used exclusively for video uploads, their quota allows 31,000 videos to be uploaded every day. That's 11.3 MILLION videos per year.

    So let's assume someone came along and said "Hi there, I have the software and infrastructure to easily create and upload 11.3 million videos. Would you like to make some videos, with 80% of the profits from those videos going into a fund to invest in research and clinical trials, 10% going to you, and 10% going to the business?"

    Would you be interested?

    I cannot guarantee that we would meet or exceed $30 million in profits, but I'm pretty confident that we could raise nearly $1 million per month for the fund after the first year of videos are up. Add another 11.3 million videos in the second year, another in the third year...

    We could fund quite a bit, ourselves.

    Now I know what you're thinking: 11.3 million videos? Are you crazy???

    I am, but that's a separate issue.

    It is trivially easy to choose a topic and create a series of 125,000 to 500,000 videos all focused on that topic. When you think in terms of series of that magnitude, reaching 11.3 million videos is achievable.

    And I have the server infrastructure to make this happen.

    So, who would be willing to make some videos? ^_-

    This will probably start in May/June because I have to move, get settled, create enough videos to pay for the nursing home, etc. But, if there's interest, I can help everyone get started so we can make videos ASAP.

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