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Thread: Full size van

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    The floors only need to lowered if you're going to drive from the wheelchair, as opposed to transferring into an adjustable seat, 6 way, if you will.

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    I drove a Ford e150 for 25 years and a Honda Odyssey for the last 5. I have not been impressed minivan durability. They are pussy vehicles. Finicky, complicated, delicate, and prone to a myriad of electronic problems.

    If I had the space I would've loved to have Ford for backup, though I cannot use my power chair in it. It had one of the old Braun Rotary lifts, which due to the parallel entry, allowed you to get into the tightest of spaces. All that was needed was 5 foot, not 8 to 10 feet as needed for perpendicular entry.

    That Rotary lift 25 years old and was in as good a shape as the day I got it, only having had one or two minor electrical issues over the years. Forklift technology, strong, simple. The new stuff is too complicated.
    The mobility industry loves the minivan because they are more profitable first to sell, then to repair. They hated the rotary lift for the same reason, cheaper for the consumer to buy, fewer repairs. As a result, lobbyists for the mobility industry discovered the rotary was "dangerous" and they were outlawed.

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    Agreed, and I'll say it forever, those rotary lifts, especially the Braun Swing Away can't be topped. They probably wish they never introduced it!

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    I really like my Braun UVL since it's not in the van with me, but it really is huge when fully extended. I have to park way to the left side of the handicap parking spot and still use the entire lift area. Especially since the UVL doesn't have the side flap that folds down like my old Braun lift. You have to go straight in and out of the UVL or 'hop' one wheel over the side rail to get on and off of it.
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