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Thread: Information on InterStim

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    Information on InterStim

    For the past 5+ months I've been dealing with urinary leakage and urgency issues. I've been on oxybutnin, Myrbetriq, Vesicare and Detrol. I'm on Myrbetriq and Detrol right now. Nothing has helped me with my leakage or urge to urinate (tightness in my lower abdominal area).

    I talked to an urologist outside of the Shepherd Center and she told me there was something called InterStim that I could try. Has anyone here heard of that ? Anyone have any experiences with it ? She told me that it would be an option down the road if other medicines don't work and my bladder botox on the 14th of next month doesn't help.

    My urologist at Shepherd wants to do bladder augmentation and I'm really scared about that kind of major surgery. It seems like the InterStim wouldn't be as major and less recovery time.

    Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Not had any experience with it. Curious to see what other"'s might say.


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