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Thread: Unwelcome return of sensation in testicles

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    Unwelcome return of sensation in testicles

    Four years post injury, C3 complete injury and never had any sensation below my neck yet over the last few weeks whenever my support workers pull my testicles through to prevent me sitting on them I get the sensation of them being grabbed and pulled. I don't get any sensation at any other time just when they are pulled hard. It would be great if I did but it's not very comfortable now that it started happening.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

    T I A

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    Curious to see what others say.


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    I also get a sharp shiver when my support workers stick their finger into my arse during bowels, just throwing that in if anyone else gets the same thing

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    I'm a c3 as well and i have really bad pain in my testicles as well. especially when i sit in my chair and even worse when i get erections which i get several times a day. wish i couldnt feel it at all instead of the pain. I also have gain alot of sensation throughout my body but with alittle sensation has come severe pain. 23 years post. this has all happened within the last 3 years. no explanation why after so many years this has now been changing.

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    It is nerve pain which could be addressed through oral medication or if in a anal area w/ bowel program a topical lidocaine to numb and lubricate. I suppose you could use topical lidocaine to your testicles as long as there is no skin reaction


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