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Thread: Getting married 😊

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    Very many congratulations!

    Although' "she who must be obeyed" and I have been together for 22 years we've never tied the knot so I'm afraid I can't help re. the ring, in the UK only about half of married men wear a ring, I don't know why not, probably to save time removing it when picking up other women...

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    Congratulations! You wear your wedding ring like most married men do, through your nose.

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    Congratulations! Lots of good responses and cheerful advice here. I'm not a guy but I've been married for 32 years, had C5 incomplete injury for 46 years,
    wore my ring on my fourth finger left hand until ten years ago when I started having mild AD (autonomic dysreflexia) symptoms especially at end of day from
    ordinary pressure on my skin, anything slightly binding like elastic or jewelry, including my wedding ring. Likely due to aging. Enjoy wearing your ring but if you ever experience AD symptoms, remove it right away. Now I wear my ring on a necklace, but it was fine on my finger for decades before it wasn't. See how it goes,
    'there is always a way' to find a work around. Best wishes for your life together.

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    Thanks everyone! I'm concerned of it causing a wound. No worries there?

    I've missed this place. Now that I'm not sitting at a PC for hours to search(iPhone) around I don't seem to find my way here too often. Plus there was a lot of drama, and I kind of remember being disenchanted a bit with the place after Adi_Chicago(I think that was his name) was kicked off of here. I know there was just cause.
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